About the contest

After a successful online application, you will receive a confirmation letter. Later on, you will receive your schedule with the timing and locations of your performance.

When you arrive in Eger on the 21th of July, 2021 you will receive your artist pass at a reception and we’ll do a little orientation.

Please keep in mind, it is required to play music at least 2 hours a day, and a minimum of 2 days during the contest, according to the schedule made by the coordinators. You will have the opportunity to perform in various locations chosen by you, which means more chances to collect those LIKE Coins.

During the contest, visitors and professional jury will vote with LIKE Coins for the performance they like the most. The winner is the band who gets the most LIKE Coins throughout the event.

What is LIKE Coin?

It’s a special coin made for the event, counted by an official notary.